Study in Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (SUCT) Study in

Expense in Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (SUCT)

Tuition fee

I. For Bachelor study:

1. The tuition fee for the first year 18,500RMB,

2. The fee for the JW202 form, application and registration and the residency card—1,200 RMB

2. Living cost standard room, each one cost 8,000RMB per year, if two persons share one room, each one will pay 4,000RMB

3. Medical Check after entrance—750 yuan RMB

4. Visa fees—870 yuan RMB

5. Teaching books—300 yuan RMB

6. Health & Accident Insurance in each year—600 yuan RMB/year

7. Food fees in a month should be around 600RMB to 1000RMB (student choice)

II. For Master study

1. The tuition fee for the first year 22,500RMB, tuition system 2.5 years

2. Other items of cost are same with above.

III. Accommodation


Room Types


Infrastructure and Facilities

Double  Room


Air condition, Desk, Wardrobe, Internet Access, Toilet, Shower, Pubic Kitchen

Single Room


Double  Room(for Short-term Students)


Single Room(for Short-term Students)


Bedding Fees: 500 RMB (for Long-term  Students)

Electricity: 200- kilowatt free per month

Internet: Free campus internet

IV. Other fees

Other Fees

Application Fees

 800 RMB

Medical Examination

 700 RMB

Visa Extension Fees

 850 RMB

Teaching Books  Fees

 300 RMB

Health and Accident Insurance

 600 RMB/year

Living Fees

 About 1000 - 1500 RMB/month

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